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Starone Capital Fund Product
Name Starone capital Income Fund
Annualised Rate of Return Target Income 6%
Investment Term 2 years
Investment Objectives Investments in a portfolio of loans secured against Australian real property assets.
Minimum Investment AUD 100,000.00
  • • Transaction confirmation statements for each issue or withdrawal of:
  • • Units relating to that Unit Holder;
  • • Distribution Statements within 2 months of each distribution period (if any distributions are made);
  • • Taxation Statements each year;
  • • Investor Updates on a yearly basis;
  • • Annual financial statements

Investment Selection Process

All investments in the Fund are assessed on prudent lending criteria and suitability of the secured property.

The Trustee and Starone Capital provides both credit and security-based lending approach to lending.

How the Investment Platform Works

Starone Capital investment platform has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the investors consider-ing Australia’s Significant Investor Visa. Through Starone Capital, SIV applicants are offered an integrated solution through the Starone Capital Investment Platform. This innovative solution allows investors to consolidate all their holdings under a single, centralized structure.

Our approach is to consult with you regarding your requirements, then recommend an appropriate and compliant investment. Starone Capital will collect and maintain investment details of your portfolio and consolidate them to provide you with a single and simple summary. Compliance is the key focus and will be monitored on a quarterly basis by a leading independent legal firm.

As a full-service investment platform, it also offers flexibility to customize your portfolio based on your preference for specific asset classes and risk levels. The Starone Capital Investment Platform provides these services to clients under a single and simple investment structure.