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The Management

The Trustee for the Fund is an Australian unlisted public company that holds an Australian Financial Service License (AFSL) No.302538 issued by ASIC. This AFSL enables the trustee to manage the day-to-day activities of the Fund in accordance with its AFSL requirements, the Corporations Act, the Funds’ constitution and its compliance policies. The board and the management team of the Trustee have a significant experience in property, development, investment management, accounting, finance, taxation and general management.

I encourage you to carefully consider the terms of this Offer by reading this Information Memorandum,taking particular note ​of section 7 (“Investment Risk and Risk Management”) in its entirety before you apply for the Units in Fund.

On behalf of Starone Capital (Project Manager), it is with great pleasure that we offer you the opportunity to invest in the Starone Capital Secured Income Fund. The investment offered by the Trustee in this Information Memorandum are ordinary units in the Fund. Starone Capital intends to bring residential development projects to life across Melbourne. We have a goal to deliver aspirational projects and properties to emerging communities across Melbourne

Investment Strategy

The Fund is an Australian unregistered managed investment scheme which is established to provide loans to borrowers which intends to invest the loan monies in the development of residential land subdivision projects that meet the following general criteria:

–– Proximity to a major capital city;

–– Strong population growth and demographics of the locality;

–– Proximity to an existing and proposed land estates (particularly master planned communities);

–– Proximity to the key planned infrastructure projects;

–– Employment opportunities in the surrounding area;

–– Lifestyle choices including schools, security, transportation and recreation;

–– Purchase price equal to or less than, an independently sourced valuation.