From 2012 to May 2020, all trust projects that expired throughout the year were safely redeemed with no risk accidents.

As a professional credit financial institution, Starone Capital is committed to establishing a complete and efficient internal control system of professionalism and integrity, based on a win-win development-oriented, risk-preventing and controlling core, supported by information systems, to achieve all aspects of company in decision-making, execution, supervision, feedback, etc.


The company has established three levels of business risk control and internal audit: each business department serves as the first level of risk management, takes the responsibility for the business risks and implements unified and standardized management of business risks; a management review system is set up at the operational level, which makes collective review decisions on risk businesses; a risk control management team is built to monitor the entire process of company business risks and independent supervision to achieve the company philosophy of risk management and value creation.

Arrears and Default Management

Borrowers may be late in paying interest or in meeting their repayment obligations or may be unable to do so. Starone Capital has a well-developed policy of pursuing defaults and arrears and for instituting appropriate recovery action.