The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) was established in 2001 under the AustralianSecurities and Investment Commission Act (ASIC Act). The institution is an independent governmentdepartment and independently regulates companies, investment behaviors,financial products and servicesin accordance with the law.

The main responsibility of ASIC is to protect investors in Australia by supervising companies and financial services laws and to develop a series of evaluation criteria for companies in need of obtaining an Australian financial services license with strict requirements. Starone Capital is a registered company in ASIC which complies with Australian laws and regulations and has a long-term cooperative relationship with First Guardian Capital. Starone Capital holds the Australian financial business license number (No. 302538) and is qualified to engage in financial business.

We have established strong and long-term partnerships with major investment banks, finance, venture capital and private equity funds, institutions, brokers and high-net worth individuals in Australia and Asia. These institutions and individuals will provide the interface for funding, in order to help our customers grow, maximize asset value and ultimately achieve their strategic investment goals.