Special interest rate:

– Local customers, interest rate as low as 4.99% (CPR 5.52%p.a.*)

– Local customers with overseas income, interest rate as low as 7.24% p.a.* (CPR: 7.55% p.a.*)

– Non-Australian customers, interest rate as low as 8.04% p.a.* (CPR: 9.00% p.a.*)

* Terms & Conditions Apply. *
* The final interpretation right belongs to Starone Capital Pty Ltd.*

As an expert in a financing company, we uphold the service concept of professionalism,efficient, honesty. We create the most suitable loan plans tailored to the customer’s needs, to ensure that our customers successfully receive their loans while achieving their financial goals. As of mid-2020, we have provided professional individualized consulting services to nearly 10,000 clients and assisted them in successfully obtaining loans from major financial institutions.

We have signed long-term partnerships with major Australian banks and funders, targeting various customer groups. We provide a variety of loan products: housing loan, car loan, commercial loan, construction loan, personal loan, etc.

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